Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My SAL's

Well I didn't get to update my blog last night.  I was just too tired.

Firstly this is the very first progress picture of my Baroque Gardens which is an online SAL by Chatelaine.  I then saw some progress pictures of it being stitched on black and what can I say but the heart was weak.  Was probably one of those down days when stash shopping makes it all better for a nano second.  Anyway, I promised myself that I would start it when we moved down here to Kirup. That would be my reward.  Then I had to get the fabric and the rest of the materials.  Money was not at a premium so that took a while.  I seem to be stitching it in the afternoons at the kitchen table with a good  light.

and here is the very first progress picture with just a tad under 1000 stitches done

Now for my Coat of Arms SAL.  I really love how this sampler is starting to look.  I am stitching it on what I think is a 40 count Summer Khaki Zweigart using 1 strand of Dinky Dyes Kayla's Rose.

It is a much more vivid colour (the thread) but I want to get stitching on my Baroque Garden for this afternoon.  Tonight I am putting away my COA and will probably pick up Dorothy Preston.

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