Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Bit of Stitching

This is a sampler I am doing from Sampler Antique & Needlework Quarterly. Not sure the year but would hazard a guess it is around 2002 because it is called Rhode Island Sampler 2002. The blue flower is all Queen Stitches. I love doing Queen Stitches.

I did a SAL on FB for the first week of June. I picked up my Bent Creek Snapperbet. I have almost finished booklet 3 now. Just have to do the stripes behind the Eggplant and then I get to move onto the 4th booklet. I will probably leave it until the first week of July and the SAL.

Teresa Wentzler, the guru of designing. This is the first design I have ever started of hers. It was part of a SAL in 2000. I have almost finished my second square so I am not hurrying. LOL I have to credit this design for meeting a lot of my internet friends.

I am almost about to start a SAL by HAED designs. Now I love doing their charts. The only thing is that I can stitch them in my head much faster than I can do it in reality.

Harry & kids

Harold Smith better known as Harry. He thought he might catch a moth by jumping off the piano in an endeavour to reach the ceiling. He didn't jump off the piano or catch the moth.

Three of my kids. Anthony, the baby, Megan, the second baby & married to Jarrad the eldest. They were gearing up for their Easter Egg hunt. Note the plastic bags.