Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Quick Blog and a Brag

No stitchy news tonight.  Not because I haven't stitched because I have but because I am tired and off to bed even though it is only 9.15 here in WA.

Firstly my baby boy has passed his driving test.  He has only to wait 6 months and clock up 20 hours of driving time (with a licensed driver) and he will have his License.  I am thankful for that.

Secondly I have to tell you that my second boy who studies at the University of Notre Dame here in Western Australia received an email from the University to tell him that he has won the Vice Chancellors medal for the School of Medicine for 2011.  He has only this year to go and he will be Doctor Smith.

Yep a proud Mum and Dad are we.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My SAL's

Well I didn't get to update my blog last night.  I was just too tired.

Firstly this is the very first progress picture of my Baroque Gardens which is an online SAL by Chatelaine.  I then saw some progress pictures of it being stitched on black and what can I say but the heart was weak.  Was probably one of those down days when stash shopping makes it all better for a nano second.  Anyway, I promised myself that I would start it when we moved down here to Kirup. That would be my reward.  Then I had to get the fabric and the rest of the materials.  Money was not at a premium so that took a while.  I seem to be stitching it in the afternoons at the kitchen table with a good  light.

and here is the very first progress picture with just a tad under 1000 stitches done

Now for my Coat of Arms SAL.  I really love how this sampler is starting to look.  I am stitching it on what I think is a 40 count Summer Khaki Zweigart using 1 strand of Dinky Dyes Kayla's Rose.

It is a much more vivid colour (the thread) but I want to get stitching on my Baroque Garden for this afternoon.  Tonight I am putting away my COA and will probably pick up Dorothy Preston.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Terminator

Aka my Thermomix now named Arnie arrived today.  I am so excited as this mean machine is all part of my plan to becoming a little bit more live off the land type self sufficient type thing.  I laybyed this little beauty last June and have at long last paid it off.  Julie (the sales lady person) is phoning me tomorrow to go over everything and then I can experiment.  Woohoo

Also my parcel from Martina arrived.  Lovely scrumptious Weddingen Linen.  I love this linen.  I now have another metre each of 30 count Antique White and Fawn, 34 count Antique White linen.  I also ordered the Dragon Quaker chart.

Tomorrow you get to see my first progress photo of Chatelaine's Baroque Gardens.  Maybe my progress thus far on the Coat of Arms SAL if I manage to finish page 15 tonight.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Scent Of Old Roses

My friend Jill and I are having a stitchalong on this Mirabilia design.  2 hours every Friday.  I didn't get to it this Friday just gone as I was too tired but have rectified that by stitching on it both yesterday and today.
It has been a case of 3 stitches forward and 2 back so not much achieved.  I am stitching the skin 1 over 1.  Think it looks a bit messy.  Too bad as I am over frogging.

Here's my progress picture

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Man and his Cat

Cecil just loves his Daddy so much.

Alan pretends not to love him back but we know he does.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Welcome New Followers

Just a little welcome to my new followers.  Wow 21 now.  I am delighted that you wanted to follow my ramblings and inconsistent posts.

Hugs Janine

First Post for 2012

Wow it is the middle of February already and I am just making my first post.

Well 2011 bought some big changes to this girl.  I sold my shop, I sold my house, I bought another house in the country, I had my MIL come to live with me, my dad moved, my youngest son moved to Uni, my third son moved to Queensland and gave me 3 beautiful step grandchildren, he also got engaged, my 2nd son and his wife announced they were pregnant so another grandchild, a beautiful baby girl from my Laura, my eldest son and his wife also moved down south with us, my husband changed careers, as did my eldest son, I finished my first big crossword puzzle,  I finished 2 crocheted afghans, I finished a UFO (Quaker Stocking by CHS),  I also finished another very small UFO by Lori Birmingham, I had 2 new finishes.  First was the Imystery and 2nd was a Bent Creek Uncle Sam.   I also took delivery of 4 chooks (chickens for the non Australians) and they free range.  I am sure there were many more things that happenend but I wanted to condense it all down.  These are in no particular order.

Also did you notice that I have those percentage things on my side bar.  Gosh I feel so clever to have them.

Well that is all folks.  I will check in again real soon as I have heaps more to add.