Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Becoming a Hooker

Thought that would grab your attention!  A rug hooker that is.  I have found a wonderful group in Donnybrook that hook rugs.  It is at the Arts and Crafts place and Robyn runs the show.  What a lovely, gorgeous person she is and all the other hookers are lovely as well.  Very friendly.  Anyhoo, I have started my first little piece which is a primitive crow.  I will make it into a cushion when done and then possibly do a sheep and then a black and white cow.  That will take at least all of this year to complete those 3 I am sure.

Hooking is good and I am quite surprised how much I enjoy doing it.  Robyn and her group use recycled materials so it really is a cheap craft.  I have a collage of pictures here that show you some of the rugs finished and some in the making.  I need to remind you that none of these are mine.

I also had a visit from some friends of mine who live in Perth.  They gifted me these lovely pair of scissors which they got from the little french shop that is in Boyanup.