Tuesday, February 14, 2012

First Post for 2012

Wow it is the middle of February already and I am just making my first post.

Well 2011 bought some big changes to this girl.  I sold my shop, I sold my house, I bought another house in the country, I had my MIL come to live with me, my dad moved, my youngest son moved to Uni, my third son moved to Queensland and gave me 3 beautiful step grandchildren, he also got engaged, my 2nd son and his wife announced they were pregnant so another grandchild, a beautiful baby girl from my Laura, my eldest son and his wife also moved down south with us, my husband changed careers, as did my eldest son, I finished my first big crossword puzzle,  I finished 2 crocheted afghans, I finished a UFO (Quaker Stocking by CHS),  I also finished another very small UFO by Lori Birmingham, I had 2 new finishes.  First was the Imystery and 2nd was a Bent Creek Uncle Sam.   I also took delivery of 4 chooks (chickens for the non Australians) and they free range.  I am sure there were many more things that happenend but I wanted to condense it all down.  These are in no particular order.

Also did you notice that I have those percentage things on my side bar.  Gosh I feel so clever to have them.

Well that is all folks.  I will check in again real soon as I have heaps more to add.


  1. Wow, you really did have a busy year!! Hope this year is good for you, and grats on all the finishes, especially the UFO ones. That's awesome!!

  2. I love that finishing a big crossword puzzle is in there along with gaining grandchildren! Just how BIG was the puzzle? LOL
    Like the stats too, looking forward to some progress pics.

  3. thanks for the comments ladies. Jo the Big crossword puzzle was a whole magazine page one. I have since finished another 2 or 3. I am not counting anymore. I am looking after my MIL who has a type of dementia caused by the hardening of the veins in her brain. I am determined I will never have dementia so I am doing everything mentally and trying to do physically that I need to.