Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chocolate Rabbits

Well I don't know about chocolate rabbits for easter but I certainly had a frog in the house.  As I rushed to finish the second release of the pattern for Sweet Flowers I was inundated by the critters and I can tell you if they had of been chocolate I would have eaten them.

So on the very late evening of the 9th of April I managed to put the last back stitch into the blessed piece. I had to have it finished for the new part release on the 10th.

Do I like the design?  Well yes I do and it is certainly a lovely stitch.  I don't think it will fit into my house though and hopefully when it is done someone will be desperate to own it.

So why I am spending the best part of a year stitching on it?  Dunno....  I think it is a motivator.  I want to stitch but feel so exhausted all the time.  This design has enough colour change not to be boring and I like stitching pretty things.  It is also just plain cross stitch.  It is enough.

So here is the picture I sent to the lovely designer Angie.  She does some gorgeous designs.