Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Some Stitchy Updates and My New Babies

Haven't been stitching all that much lately.  A trip up to Perth and visitors etc.  One visitor that I have had is my dear friend Jill (no blog).  She comes down every couple of months (even though we have been trying for once a month) and we have a great time stitching together etc.  Jill hasn't been stitching for all that long and she is coming along so well.  I started to teach her in 2010 and she has been continuing ever since.  She is not a confident stitcher but I have noticed the improvement big time over the last 6 months.  She has been having private hardanger lessons with Jo at Colours Down Under . The lessons are paying off as her stitching has improved so much.  Anyway, Jill and I decided that when she comes down we will stitch on our Chatelaines.  Hers is Alhambra Gardens and mind is Convents Herbal Garden.  I started mine when it was Martina's second mystery and that was in 2002.

I have also been slowly stitching away on Martina Dey's of Stickideen von der Wiehenburg design Evangeline and her Coat of Arms Band Sampler.  I love Martina's designs.

So this morning I went down to the chook house to see how my chickens were fairing and to see how the egg sitters were doing.  Bingo!  I have babies.  Four at the moment and I sincerely hope that I get a few more out of this sitting. There are 5 more eggs that hopefully will hatch.  I have another hen in the other chook house sitting on four eggs.  She has one more chance of seeing this through and if she doesn't I wont let her sit on eggs again.  She will be at least another week and a bit before I expect any chickens from her clutch of eggs.  

So here are 2 of her Henrietta's brood.  Mind you they are not all her eggs.  Poor Louise started the operation baby chickens and then Henrietta kicked her out and took over.

Blogger is being stupid and I cant get 2 of the photos to come out the right way so I am afraid you will just have to turn your head.  Apologies in advance.  


  1. Lovely stitching, and your new babies are so cute!

  2. Great stitching, well done to you both.

  3. Hi there, just found your blog via the Chatelaine yahoo group. I too live in Perth.
    I have just started my 2nd Chatelaine... One of the small mystery gardens. I have Alhambra Gardens waiting to be stitched... Just working up to it!
    Look forward to seeing more of your updates on your stitching and chicks :)

    Fireflies & Cats in the Garden

    1. Hi Stitching Noni, I am on my way over to visit your blog. I have more than one Chatelaine started. Those who know me will not be the least surprised.