Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It Was The Weather Changing

That is causing all my pain.  I said to my daughter-in-law Megan I can so understand why people in chronic pain commit suicide. (And no I don't feel suicidal just having a little pity session).  Anyway yesterday I woke to it rainy and colder without the humidity and felt a 100% better.  Today not so good.  Anyway whine is over for now.

This year has been so busy.  Dad has been very unwell and I have spent some time in Perth with him.  He has rallied a bit now after an iron transfusion that caused a little heart attack.  I am off to Perth again on Thursday because Mum's best friend Rosie Brandis died suddenly and I am going to her funeral.  It was a shock.  She was a huge part in my growing up life in Mingenew.

I have been stitching and crocheting away like nobody's business this year.  I have had one finish with cross stitch another almost done.  Just need to buy that silk thread so I can finish it.  Also have finished a lap afghan on the crocheting bit and a skeleton.  I will upload pictures when they are all transferred to my computer from my phone.

Presently I am stitching on my Jim Shore afghan and have completed 2 of the squares.  I need to get a move on with the 3rd square as it needs to be completed by the end of the month.  I am also stitching away on a Jim Shores Monogrammed Letter "A".  Don't think my girlfriend reads this blog as it is for her.  Started this last year and didn't realise it was a detailed as it is.  Still I am enjoying it immensely and hopefully it wont get put away before I finish it.  I am also stitching on a band sampler called Evangeline.  Yes it is named after my grand daughter.  My dear friend Martina Dey designed it and then asked me to name it.  I will put Evangeline's birth details at the bottom or in the middle as a birth sampler for her.  I also have been looking at Martina's German site.  It is fantastic and the designs in it are just gorgeous.  Many more designs than available on the English sites.  I love the animal ones.

Anyway I think that is all I can think of.  Well that is not true but I don't want to bore you to tears.  Oh and Megan where is your update on the new chickens and chicken cage?

I will edit this later when all the photos are downloaded.  I think I have downloaded them before but I am not computer savy on a PC so can't be bothered looking for where they might be.  Macs are so much better for finding things.

From the top left hand corner is a view of the corner of the crochet afghan, the finished quaker motif, the 2 squares stitch on the Jim Shore afghan, Homer the skeleton I stitched for Kenric and lastly a full view of the afghan I crocheted.  

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  1. Love the skeleton janine and the Jim Shore is coming along nicely :)