Monday, March 5, 2012

Another Stitch Update

Well it has been a slow fortnight (2 weeks) with the stitching.  Have been trying to unpack and decided where this and that goes.  Trying really hard to throw stuff out and not having a huge success with that.  Have been trying to take on more of the everyday house stuff and with all of that I have had a bit of a flare with the Fibro.

Had a terrific weekend with Kenric and Marilyn coming to stay overnight.  It was his birthday yesterday.  He is 29.  Where does the time go?  Mary Lyn (Marilyn), as we call her, is battling away with her pregnancy.  Little Miss Smith is making her mother quite ill.

Now for an update of a stitchy picture.  It is Dorothy Preston.  I started stitching Dorothy around the time my mum got very ill or when she died.  Not sure which because they where quite close to each other.  I would like to finish her this year.  Did I tell you I had to restart her because I cut the fabric too small.  Now I never do that.  I guess I had a good excuse.

Well here she is.  You can see her percentage progress on my side bar.


  1. Your piece is looking lovely!

  2. Hey Janine ~ how did you make the bars on the side?


    1. Hi Faith, Thanks for the comments. The percentage bar on the side bar. I googled in the question "how to make a percentage bar on blogger" I followed one of the leads and then I couldn't get it to work so I asked my eldest son to help me. We had to change over to blogger plus I think it is called and then I think I might have been able to do it from there. Not sure mind you. I am sorry I can't give you anymore technical advice as I am so hopeless.

  3. Looks like an interesting project