Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pictures and Updates

Well I have my trusty old IMac back out and working. My dear little mac laptop is very ill and I have to wait until I visit Dr Jacob so he can get all my precious files off it. I am afraid it is not fixable. Well it probably is but I don't think I will worry to fix it.

Anyway here is the promised picture of the Carriage House Stocking. It is not ironed.

All photos are crappy as I am not taking them and the light is not terrific. I have still to find my camera.

The Quaker Stocking

I have also joined Carol's mystery SAL. I have just received part 2. I have to send a photo of each part to get the next part. I am stitching this on 40 count Lambswool Permin Linen with a Vikki Claytons silk called Heath Stone. Picture is a bit crappy.

Part 1

Next is my 2 parts of Wiehenburg's Coat of Arms SAL. I just love love love stitching this one. I am doing it on Summer Khaki 40 count by Zweigart using Dinky Dyes Kayla's Rose. I have since finished part 3 but haven't taken said photograph yet.


  1. Great stitching. The coat of arms SAL is going to be huge! How long is it scheduled to run for?

  2. Hi not so clever Jo,
    Martina is running this for 61 weeks. The trick will be if I can stitch it every week form that long. I have part 4 to do this week.

  3. Your Coat of Arms is looking really nice, though I would have bet you would have done it with blues.
    I am halfway finished with part one, got a late start on it, misplaced the threadworx that I was going to use for part one but finally found it LOL

  4. Yes Nita I nearly chose a blue but truthfully how much monochromatic blue items can one have in a house. I am trying to branch out with my colours.