Friday, July 29, 2011

Week Three

Today marks the third week of living here in Kirup. Yes I know it has been a while since I have updated the blog. We did sell the house and the middle of August is settlement of that and then the ties in Perth will be people.

Speaking of People three of my babies will be down to visit tomorrow. I am so excited as I miss them. Kenric, Marilyn and Anthony will be down to visit. So much has happened in their lives since I have seen them. Marilyn has got into Uni to study part time midwifery. She will make a fabulous midwife and it is a type of nursing that she will love. Kenric got his first semester exam marks and has done even better than the last 2 years (mind you he has been the top medical student for those). He got all high distinctions. He just loves his calling to heal people. Anthony achieved his 2nd Barista's certificate and is now working on the Uni campus that he lives on in one of the cafe's.

I must also mention the rest of my family. Jacob has achieved a certificate III in Wharehouse & Logistic studies and next week goes to get his fork lift license. I am so proud of him. Jarrad and Megan are working for a company down here in Kirup that has the biggest fruit packing shed in the southern hemisphere and also owns orchards. Megan packs fruit and at the moment Jarrad is pruning fruit trees. He is loving it after 14 years working in a dental laboratory. Alan, my DH, has a full time position with a plumbing firm in Bunbury. Woohoo after 26 years of working for ourselves we are now on wages. I was so sick of working for ourselves.

On the stitching front I have been on a roll. I finished a UFO! Carriage House Sampling's Quaker Stocking. I need to assemble it but can't do that until I unpack. I am now motoring through Papilion Creations Midnight Garden. That is another UFO. Will I finish it? Anybody's guess.

My next post will be sooner and will include pictures because I will either find my camera or get Jarrad to take a photo of the Quaker sampler so I can show you.

Did I mention how much I love living here? Well I do and I am so glad we made the move.


  1. So glad that you are enjoying your new home. It sounds like your "babies" have been quite busy...isn't it great when they are so successful?

    Congrats on finishing one of your UFO's! I would love to see a pic if you have the chance. I have the Pennsylvania German stocking in my stash...maybe I need to dig it out and get started!

  2. I'm glad you made the move too. It sounds like everyone is doing well!! You should be so proud of all of them! Great going on finishing up a UFO and working on another. That's great. Can't wait to see your pics!

  3. I am so happy everyone has adjusted to the move and it sounds like it is for the better!Congrats on the stocking finish. I love to stitch, I hate the finishing part.


  4. Thanks so much for the comments.

    Valerie I too have the Pennsylvania stocking. I have quite a few of the CHS stockings. I want to hang them all together

    Nita I am so glad to have made the decision to come.

    Julie I will post some pictures soon .

  5. Hi new follower, I couldn't see you with just 13 followers so came over from Julie and Yes Dear's giveaway to join you!
    I love your Sarah Harris sampler. Beautiful spring colours.