Monday, January 6, 2014

Life on My Half Acre

The last few days have been so busy here in our little world

On the weekend my darling sister, Annette, came for an overnight stay.  We had a lovely time together.

Jarrad and Megan's friend Michelle and her lovely mother, Trudi, came down from the city for an overnight in Bridgetown which is about 40 minutes or so from here.  They dropped in for dinner and insisted on bringing all the food with them.  How gorgeous is that.  We have a lovely meal out on the back patio.

  They also brought me a gorgeous bunch of flowers.  Just felt totally spoilt.

Poor Annette had a bit of an alergic reaction to my cats.  She decided that some sliced cucumber would sooth her itchy eyes.

I have been stitching away like nobodies business since the start of the year.

Day three I started a Heaven and Earth's Design called "Mask of Colors".  It is the artwork from Ravenscroft.  I have had this chart in my stash for a very long time.

Day four I started a Kooler Designs chart called Chicken Ruffles or something like that.

Day five I started Ink Circle's "Kaleidoscope".

Day six I started Long Dog's "Kells Critters"

I also worked on some of my WIPS/UFOS

I seem to have an explosion of little chickens.  Five new little ones have joined us this weekend with more eggs to hatch and Heckle has about 20 eggs under her.  I hope these ones hatch as they will be offspring from Barrack and Heckle and will produce nice big hens.  

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