Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Fantastic Weekend

I have had a fantastic weekend.

Yesterday my brother and sister-in-law came down from the city for an overnight stay.  Jarrad and Megan had friends also come down for the weekend.  We had a lovey day little party (late lunch) at our house.  Cinnamon and Mark have the most gorgeous little 14 month old boy called Bryn.  He has the bluest eyes and is such a happy little man.  We had lovely Sesame Chicken, cold meats and a couple of salads with desserts of  home made Lemon Merange Pie, Chocolate slice and Pumpkin Cheesecake.

It was a tad chilly so we sat out on the back lawn surrounding Bryn and enjoying his babyness.  He was delighted by our dog Panda and the free ranging chickens.  Fascinated by the leaves on the lawn.  And then top it all off our broody chook, Vanessa, her eggs started to hatch. 

The young adults left as they were staying at Jarrad and Megan's place and then us grown ups had a lovely evening talking and chatting.  It is so important that we see each other now that our Mum and Dad are no longer alive

Today we went down to Balingup to visit with Jarrad and Megan at their home.  We had brunch at a lovey cafe and then toured the orchards where the boys work.  We then had to say goodbye as our visitors had to return home.

It is Christmas decorating time in my home.  Alan kindly got the decorations out and tomorrow I shall decorate our home.  I am only having 2 christmas trees up this year.  

I even popped some stitches into my Mary Sampler that Plum Street Samplers kindly released as a freebie as few weeks ago.

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