Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kenneth James Nock 1926 - 2013

At the end of April my gorgeous Daddy passed away.  I loved him very much and as with any loved person in a family, who passes away, it takes awhile before life gets back on track and routine returns to normal.  We were so lucky that we had Dad for 9 years longers than we thought and they were mostly a good nine years even though his heart was very dicky.  My dear sister looked after him in his last year of life and I know I can speak for my brother in that we are so thankful that she did and he did not have to spend any of  the last year of his life without family around him.  He wanted to go and was excited to be joining Mum.

 Dad, taken on his last birthday. My sister Annette.

Dad with his great grand daughter Evangeline.

Dad dressed up to go to the Melbourne Cup lucheon at Daddy day care

Last time at our place here in Kirup a month before he died.  He was desperately ill but so wanted to come down one last time to see our dog and visit with us at our house.

My Daddy I loved you so much.  Many wonderful memories you have left me.  RIP in peace with our Mummy


  1. I was lucky to meet your father back in 2009. He was lovely. So glad he got to see his g-granddaughter.

  2. He looks like a very lovely man.

    Bless you x

  3. He was amazing. He will be shearing the sheep that you count in your dreams.