Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Review of The Last Year

Well I have thought about this post for ages.  I bet it doesn't come out anything like my grand thoughts.  I have a new/old computer to work with and as it is a PC it will take me a bit to get used to as I have had a Mac for such a long time.  When Jacob was here he rebuilt his old computer which is better than mine.  Boy this computer is fast fast fast. Well for me it is.

The last twelve months has had its ups and downs.  Dad was quite sick earlier in the year and we ended up moving him out of the retirement village into my sister's home.  She retired from work to look after him.  Alas it looks as though he is going down hill again with blood counts too low and various other things.  We have been so lucky to have him for so long.

Beryl went into a nursing home and she is settling in there.  I am not sure you could say she is loving it but she is certainly feeling quite used to it now.  Her health is good and I do believe her mental health has stabilized since going there.  She gets much better stimulation I think.

On the cross stitching front I finished 1 project.  I do believe that it was my worst year ever for stitching.  I did a reasonable amount but not consistantly.  On the crocheting front I finished 2 pieces I think.  Would have finished 2 more but I fell over at the local Servo (Service Station) and hurt my left hand.  There were 2 things that came out of that not including the pain.  1.  I obviously don't have Osteoporosis cause I didn't break my hand and I certainly landed on it hard enough.  2.  Not only are my fingers riddled with Osteoarthritis but my whole hand is.  So I am guessing it will take a while to heal.  I do use a hand brace some of the time.  It has been a month today since I hurt my hand and it is still hurting.

Now pictures.  Not sure if I have any on this computer but will go for a look and if I don't I guess I will try and work out how to put them on.

Lastly please go and have a look at both my daughter-in-law's blog.  Megan is our American girl and she and Jarrad have bought a 3 acre property.  She will be breeding chooks (Chickens) and Naomi is our Queensland girl and she stitches, crochets and does patchwork.  


  1. I hope this new year is a good one for you and you heal quickly from your fall.

  2. Hope 2013 flows better for you Janine and I off check out your girls blogs