Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Stitching Space

Yes I know another post.  I have a good few up my sleeve at the moment.  Firstly, as I said in the last post,  I have not been settling with my stitching since I moved down here.  Well I think I have solved the problem with why.

Firstly I have not been comfortable with my stitching area.  Don't think I like my stitching room.  I have this thing about rooms.  I didn't like the lounge area of my last house.  Never liked it and wouldn't really  sit in it.  Anyhow, we have been doing a bit more unpacking and organising and I bought my old tea trolley down from the shed and set it up next to the sofa in our living area.  Placed Beryl's lamp for light at night.  Have gorgeous light during the day as there is a window behind me.  Much better.

See my big tea cup.  I like to keep it constantly full with Twinings Lemon Scented Tea.  This is not to be confused with a herbal tea.  I don't drink herbal teas.  I have a cup warmer that I sit it on.  Needless to say I do get up a lot during the night.

Secondly, I have gone back to my old rotation.  That worked for me before.  I take a pile of different projects. (All my projects are put in a plastic zipper folder or craft holder thingy with everything needed to stitch that said project. )  I then take a project and cut a length of thread needed and stitch that length of thread and put that project away.  I do this for each project until I have done what I wanted on the project that is chosen ffom the pile.  It keeps me stitching and you would be surprised at how much each project grows doing it this way.  There are no rules.  I can put 2 lengths of threads into a project if I feel like.  I do, however, have to do at least one.  

If I find I am getting bored with the pile of projects out I can put some away and add others.  My goal is to stitch.  I find I am much happier and I find this works for me.  I will never run out of projects to stitch on because I am allowed to start new ones if the fancy takes me or I have over 100 starts stashed in my 4 door buffet if I just want to work on another UFO or whatever you want to call them.

Next post will have some stitchy photos and maybe a couple of crochet photos.  Have been doing that as well and even have a knitting project started.  

Lastly but definitely not leastly I want to say hello to all my followers.  I see I have over 30 now.  WOW that is fantastic.  I will go and have a look and see who are the new followers and make sure I am reading your blog.  I just love reading blogs.  


  1. Hi Janine,

    i´m tense to see your pics.
    Who can stitch in rotation, is ok. I sampled it, but it was not for me.

    Hugs, Heike

  2. Interesting blog post about your rotation method-
    maybe I should try it.

  3. This seems to be the best rotation for me Bronwyn. I have a short attention span.