Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We Are Up For Sale last

Well it took us long enough but we are up for sale at last. Please send me good vibes for a quick sale so I can move down to my lovely house in Kirup in not too long a time. Here is the link to our Armadale house.

I haven't blogged for a while as we have been so busy here in the Smith house. My dear MIL had a heart attack. She is doing really well now that we have her medication tweaked. We had 3 trips to hospital in the ambulance and that was pretty worrying for all of us. The hospital and doctors were just wonderful and at last we could bring her home and she is doing good.

Jarrad gave his notice at work. I am guessing it is a bit scary for him and Megan as Jarrad has only ever worked at one job since he left high school. He is a qualified Dental Technician but doesn't want to do that anymore. So it will be a real change for him.

Alan told the guy who he contracts to that June 10th is the end date for work for him. Alan has contracted to Guido for nearly 26 years. Actually it is only weeks off 26 years. I remember arriving in Perth from the country very scared at what it would turn out like. We had been burnt by other employers and were wondering how we would go at contracting and if this guy would be loyal to us. I guess you could say he was. He has been a very fair person to us and has always paid us immediately when we presented him with our invoices.

So Alan, Jarrad & Megan leave here as soon after the 10th June as they can get organised. Well the organisation is taking place now. Jarrad's house is getting ready for being rented out. They have restored their roof, installed a new kitchen, a new bathroom all new tiling walls and floors in these 2 areas and then painting it. Then a major wash of the house and tidy of the yard. Alan and Jarrad have been working hard. Luckily for us Alan is a Jack-Of-All-Trades and not only a plumber and gasfitter. He has gutted the bathroom and redone that and all the tiling in both the rooms. Jarrad has been repairing walls in readiness for painting and Megan has been in charge of packing. Phewww.....

Excitedly we are off to Kirup tomorrow to visit our house. This will be the first visit since we have owned it. I am so excited. We are taking Beryl with us. She hasn't seen it yet so I hope she loves it since she will be living in it with us and is part owner.

I am hoping now that everything is settling here that I get to blog more.

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  1. Wow, the new house looks fabulous!!!! I hope the move goes smoothly for you. Mine wasn't bad, but it was right down the street! Best of luck with the packing and organizing!!