Sunday, April 3, 2011

And on the Stitching Front

I have been stitching on a downloadable chart from Needleprint. I bought this design last year and started it. I had finished the alphabet across the top and then life and other things got in the way. Last Saturday I bought it out and in the week I finished a page. It is not page 1 I finished but page 2 as it was easier to count from the alphabet. I am going onto page 1 next. I got sick of stitching on that so decided to stitch on another UFO called Justice & Peace. It has been charted by Dyan Allaire of Kustom Kraft. I started this one in the early 2000's and have only put in around 500 or 600 stitches so far.

Anyway here is a picture of the Sarah Harris stitching

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  1. just peeked at your house pics its lovely
    I only have lovely thoughts when I think of Kirup, had family who lived at Donnybrook and went to Kirup a few times as a child.the Kirup baker always cooked my aunts hams and some other bits. Nice memories have fun Glenys in Dongara