Thursday, January 23, 2020

My Stitching Room

This is my happy place where a lot of my stitchy stash and yarn stash are stashed.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Days continued

Gosh I am crap at blogging.  Pity I can't hook some sort of wire up to the brain as I can think blog posts really well.

Anyhow, I am still continuing on with my stitch on each and every one of my WIP's and UFO's until I have recorded each and everyone of them.  I think I am up to 40 or 41 now.

This year has been a good one.  Most importantly we had a new addition to our family.  My grandson Callan arrived on the 9th May.  Dear little man he is

And continuing on with my stitching.

Days 5 & 6

This is Farm Chores, a chart from  HAED.  My aim was to actually finish one page of a HAED chart.  I did that.  How do these people stitch them in a year or something like that.  My attention span is too bad.  Oh well.  Anyway this is a page and a bit done.

The next one is by Alessandra Adelaide.  I love her designs, especially the trees.  I started it in my Perth days.  It is called Madre Terra.  Stitched on 40 count with a Crescent Colours silk thread.

Finally I will leave you with a photo of our youngest grand daughter with her second birthday cake.  Her parents made it.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Days Three and Four

I am so loving this new rotation.  I don't plan on what I will stitch every day.  My enthusiasm to stitch is through the roof.  Anyhow, Thursday night and Friday night is Kell Kritters by Long Dog Sampler and A Vase of Flowers by I have no clue.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Day Two

I stitched on a HAED design called Mask of Colors by Ravenscroft.  I have had this in my stash to stitch for very many years.  I started this one this year too.

I had a lovely time yesterday at the afternoon tea.  Met about 16 or so ladies and apparently they meet every month or so for a natter.  3 hours of nattering later I got home.  They made me feel very welcome.  Everyone in Kirup knows Alan (he's a plumber and tradesman are rare as hen's teeth in the country), so I was introduced to everyone as the plumber's wife.  Very novel I can tell you.

Went in and visited my darling Beryl today.  At least she was awake today.  When Megan and I went in on Monday we couldn't get her to wake up.  She is well but continues to deteriorates mentally.  At least she is happy and they are so caring and lovely in the nursing home.  

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day One

I had a an idea yesterday.  I do get them sometimes.  LOL  I would change the project that I am stitching on each day.  I would do this until I have stitched on every WIP/UFO I own.  So last night I stitched on this (most of my stitching takes place at night).

Ruffled Feathers by Kooler Design Studio.  I started this design this year as I felt I should have a chooky picture in my house seeing as how I love chooks.  (A bit of side information here.  I was born in the year of the Rooster.  No wonder I am a chook fanatic.)  For the non Australian readers, Chooks are what we call call Chickens.

On another note, today I have been invited to an afternoon tea with some ladies here in Kirup.  The first time since I have moved down here.  I am a tad nervous as I am not as confident as I appear to be.  I put on a face.  Feeling slightly sick and sweaty.  Bring a plate was the order.  A bit of a worry as I have no bring a plate biscuits in the house.  Don't have bread as I don't often eat it.  Found some dip and have cut up some vegie sticks.  Off to the Loo and will stand at the back door.  Our place goes from front street to back street and I am not sure which way the lady will come to pick me up.  Fingers crossed.  

Thursday, January 9, 2014

North, South, East or West

So the chooks at my place are very clever and they managed to slip out and buy Alan a Christmas present.  I thought that their choice of present was very appropriate.

And on the stitching front I managed another start.  This one is a design by Papillion Creations.  It is called The Castle Garden

Monday, January 6, 2014

Life on My Half Acre

The last few days have been so busy here in our little world

On the weekend my darling sister, Annette, came for an overnight stay.  We had a lovely time together.

Jarrad and Megan's friend Michelle and her lovely mother, Trudi, came down from the city for an overnight in Bridgetown which is about 40 minutes or so from here.  They dropped in for dinner and insisted on bringing all the food with them.  How gorgeous is that.  We have a lovely meal out on the back patio.

  They also brought me a gorgeous bunch of flowers.  Just felt totally spoilt.

Poor Annette had a bit of an alergic reaction to my cats.  She decided that some sliced cucumber would sooth her itchy eyes.

I have been stitching away like nobodies business since the start of the year.

Day three I started a Heaven and Earth's Design called "Mask of Colors".  It is the artwork from Ravenscroft.  I have had this chart in my stash for a very long time.

Day four I started a Kooler Designs chart called Chicken Ruffles or something like that.

Day five I started Ink Circle's "Kaleidoscope".

Day six I started Long Dog's "Kells Critters"

I also worked on some of my WIPS/UFOS

I seem to have an explosion of little chickens.  Five new little ones have joined us this weekend with more eggs to hatch and Heckle has about 20 eggs under her.  I hope these ones hatch as they will be offspring from Barrack and Heckle and will produce nice big hens.