Thursday, January 9, 2014

North, South, East or West

So the chooks at my place are very clever and they managed to slip out and buy Alan a Christmas present.  I thought that their choice of present was very appropriate.

And on the stitching front I managed another start.  This one is a design by Papillion Creations.  It is called The Castle Garden

Monday, January 6, 2014

Life on My Half Acre

The last few days have been so busy here in our little world

On the weekend my darling sister, Annette, came for an overnight stay.  We had a lovely time together.

Jarrad and Megan's friend Michelle and her lovely mother, Trudi, came down from the city for an overnight in Bridgetown which is about 40 minutes or so from here.  They dropped in for dinner and insisted on bringing all the food with them.  How gorgeous is that.  We have a lovely meal out on the back patio.

  They also brought me a gorgeous bunch of flowers.  Just felt totally spoilt.

Poor Annette had a bit of an alergic reaction to my cats.  She decided that some sliced cucumber would sooth her itchy eyes.

I have been stitching away like nobodies business since the start of the year.

Day three I started a Heaven and Earth's Design called "Mask of Colors".  It is the artwork from Ravenscroft.  I have had this chart in my stash for a very long time.

Day four I started a Kooler Designs chart called Chicken Ruffles or something like that.

Day five I started Ink Circle's "Kaleidoscope".

Day six I started Long Dog's "Kells Critters"

I also worked on some of my WIPS/UFOS

I seem to have an explosion of little chickens.  Five new little ones have joined us this weekend with more eggs to hatch and Heckle has about 20 eggs under her.  I hope these ones hatch as they will be offspring from Barrack and Heckle and will produce nice big hens.  

It's A Boy

Such an exciting day.  Today we learnt that we are going to get a Grandson.  He is due in May.
Here he is waving his hand at us

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Second Start to The Year

As tired as I was I was determined to start my second new project for the year.  It is a huge bunch of flowers in a vase and the chart I believe is called Deep Love.  This design will be about 23 inches by 28 inches when finished.  Tonight I put in 100 stitches.

Today Alan and I went into Bunbury.  Bunbury is a large town, very small city (so they say) some 65-70 kms fromm here.  I travel in twice a week to go and visit my dear mother-in-law who is residing in a nursing home there.

We went and visited Beryl for several hours.  Today she was unsure of who we were but was never-the-less very happy to see us and even happier that we came with some small cakes for her.  She does love cake.

We then went and had our eyes tested.  Crumbs that is an expensive exercise.  Ended up costing us over $700 even with our discounts etc.

Anotheer chicken had hatched overnight.  Three of the little darlings now.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1st 2014

Happy New Year!

I had a great day today.  Decided to stay in my PJ's, cleaned the kitchen and then decided to clean out my food cupboards. Didn't have that much to throw out, mainly just putting open foods and cooking ingredients into containers.  Did have some out of date rolled oats to throw out so went up to the chook pens to give them a treat.  Was thrilled to find out that I had 2 new babies that had hatched today.  There is nothing cuter than little fluffy chickens.

Have a heap of stitching waiting for today to start or to start working on again.
I started on a Joan Elliott design called Medieval Lady.  She is very pretty. 

Asked Alan to get a tub of fabric out of my shed as I needed to source some 38 or 40 count fabric to dye for a SAL I am in.  Found all sorts of lovely fabric that I haven't seen for nearly three years.  I probably have at least another tub of fabric in that shed as well.

Anyhow, the fabric I decided to use is a 38 count Italian fabric.  I love this fabric.  I boiled up a good few tablespoons of loose leaf tea and then poured it over the pre-washed fabric scrunched into a jug.  I will rinse it out tomorrow morning and hang it out to dry.  Hope to popmy first stitches into The Snooty Parrot tomorrow.